Commercial Cooling & Heating in Comfort, TXTrade-Mark Air Conditioning offers commercial cooling and heating in Comfort, TX. An HVAC system has become a modern-day necessity, especially in commercial buildings. It helps maintain desirable temperatures and humidity levels to create a comfortable working environment. Such relaxing conditions improve productivity and minimize health issues. Failure to maintain a commercial HVAC unit can lead to income and clientele loss. To prevent such issues, we offer comprehensive commercial heating and cooling solutions.

Commercial Cooling in Comfort

Commercial HVAC units are more complex than residential ones. They are larger and require more power to run. A lot of work goes into installing these units, and only a qualified technician should handle them. A professional will make the electrical connections safely to minimize the risk of fire. The technician should also test to ensure that the unit works as it should. Appropriately installed HVAC units experience fewer breakdowns, minimizing inconveniences and disruptions in a commercial setup. The unit will also run efficiently, which helps cut costs.

After installation, have the unit inspected every quarter of the year. Since this unit runs for extended periods each day, you must change the air filters monthly. Scheduling regular maintenance will help you spot minor issues before they escalate into significant problems that call for expensive repairs. The biggest benefit of commercial HVAC unit maintenance is prolonging its lifespan. Note that one faulty part can strain other components and cause wear and tear. This is a substantial investment, and you wouldn’t want to replace the unit sooner than expected. A well-maintained commercial HVAC unit also helps maintain good indoor air quality.

Even with proper maintenance, a commercial HVAC unit often experiences some troubles. Get immediate repairs at the first indication of a problem. Running a malfunctioning system can cause irreversible damage. Even worse, operating a faulty commercial HVAC system can create serious hazards that put the life and health of your clients and employees at risk.

There are a few common signs that your commercial heating and cooling unit needs repair:
  • System is short cycling
  • Unusual system noises
  • Unexplainable spike in utility bills
  • Home’s airflow is weak
  • Smell awful odors

Efficient Commercial Heating

Efficient Commercial Heating

At Trade-Mark Air Conditioning, we offer unmatched commercial HVAC to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. Partner with us to get your unit up and running throughout the year. We will help meet your goals, whether through increased productivity or tenant retention, by maintaining desirable indoor environments in your business premises. With over 35 years in the commercial cooling and heating business, we provide quick, professional assistance and guarantee optimum satisfaction.

If you live in Comfort and have issues with your commercial HVAC unit, give Trade-Mark Air Conditioning a call today.