Commercial AC & Heating in Ingram, TX Commercial AC appliances are more complicated than residential HVAC systems in Ingram, TX. For example, the structure may include a series of pipes to collect condensation from the furnace. Commercial heating systems are also more powerful with sufficient capacity to meet the heat load for business establishments. When you are having issues with your HVAC, let our team at Trade-Mark Air Conditioning help you get back on the path to comfort.

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You have to consider many different factors before installing a commercial HVAC system. For example, space considerations will often influence the choice of the unit’s location. Most businesses opt for an indoor or a roof installation to save the available space.

The time it takes to complete the installation is another factor that may influence the type of system you choose. Single-split systems are popular with small businesses looking for heating and cooling solutions in separate spaces. This type is faster to install and less expensive than a multi-split.

Multi-split systems are more expensive and take longer to install. However, since you only need one external unit, they do not require as much space as single-split systems.

Large organizations may opt for a Variable Refrigerant Flow system. VRF systems are used in areas where heating and cooling are required at the same time.

A commercial installation process will analyze several unique factors:
  • Maintenance requirements and costs
  • System’s location on the premises
  • Design of drainage system
  • Noise when running your equipment

Ingram’s Professional Commercial AC ProviderThe design of a commercial system is even more critical than for residential appliances. A business establishment cannot afford to go without heating and air conditioning. It can have far-reaching implications for your brand and bottom line. Consider consulting our highly skilled team of professionals at Trade-Mark Air Conditioning for the optimal performance of the furnace.

It is worth noting that a commercial HVAC installation will include the design of the ductwork. Efficient ductwork is as critical as your heating and cooling system.

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You can talk to a certified team for professional advice about different aspects of the installation. You may need additional controls for temperature or humidity regulation. Experienced professionals can customize your system to fit your specific requirements.

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You can depend on Trade-Mark Air Conditioning for quality commercial heating and cooling systems in Ingram. Our team has years of experience fixing a wide range of furnace and AC equipment for businesses. As a locally owned and operated company, we will ensure your system complies with the manufacturer’s standards and local code.

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