Commercial HVAC in Hunt, TXTypically, changes in weather conditions can significantly affect a person’s comfort, whether at home or work. Fortunately, HVAC systems usually improve the air quality of a structure, making the occupants feel more comfortable. By reducing humidity, the system creates a more conducive atmosphere. This is particularly helpful in structures or underground areas where there is a limitation of ventilation. Although several companies offer commercial HVAC in Hunt, TX, the quality of the products and assistance we offer should be your main priority. Luckily, our commercial heating and cooling always meet our customers’ satisfaction and quality standards.

Commercial HVAC Systems in Hunt

Commercial HVAC systems have interlinked systems that provide ventilation, heating, and cooling to different floors or other areas within the premises. Typically, these HVAC systems have heat pumps that extract heat from water or air for heating purposes. Water source heat pumps have tubes that move water throughout the structure. Rooftop systems are usually located on the premises’ roof or sometimes on the ground. Their work is to place the conditioned air into the commercial house.

Chillers produce cool water that is circulated using pipes to the air cooling coils. Heaters used in commercial systems can be furnaces that burn fuel to convert it to heat or radiant heaters that use infrared radiation. HVAC systems for commercial purposes can be classified as individual, packaged, or centralized. Individual systems provide cooling, heating, and ventilation by using several distinct units in different building areas. Packaged systems have the heat pump, air conditioner, fan coil, and evaporator in one system. Lastly, a centralized unit is a singular system usually placed in a single area.

Some of the factors that affect the energy efficiency of HVAC systems include:
  • Age of the unit
  • AFUE Ratings
  • Placement of the system
  • Air filter
  • Outdoor climate

Commercial Heating and Cooling

Commercial Heating and Cooling

At Trade-Mark Air Conditioning, we offer unmatched heating and cooling, including emergency AC repair, AC maintenance, AC repair, AC installation, heating maintenance, heating installation, and heating repair. Our company has operated in this sector for more than 35 years; hence, we have years of experience. Additionally, the competency and dedication of our team guarantee you exceptional assistance aimed at improving the comfort of our clients. We are located at Junction Highway. If you have any worrying problems with your HVAC unit in Hunt and other surrounding areas, consider scheduling a meeting with us immediately.

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