If you’re looking for HVAC contractors in Medina, TX, we offer the services you need at Trade-Mark Air Conditioning. Don’t take your heating and cooling for granted. Few things are more important than staying comfortable in your own home or office.

At Trade-Mark Air Conditioning, we have the skills and experience to help you do just that. We’ve been serving as a local heating and AC company for more than 35 years. In that time, we’ve earned a reputation for quality service and excellent customer care.

HVAC Contractors in Medina: Repair

Losing heat or AC during extreme temperatures can be a nightmare. The more extreme the temperature is outside, the harder your system has to work. If your system has any issues, this is when it’s most likely to hit a breaking point.

If you’re having any heating and cooling problem, it’s best to seek out help right away. HVAC issues can range in severity. Even if your system is getting by with a decrease in performance, you don’t want to take any chances.

Calling a technician right away can make the difference between a minor repair and a major overhaul. As an experienced heating and air conditioning company, we can diagnose your issues quickly.

These are some common signs you need HVAC contractors for repair right away:
  • Strange noises
  • System won’t switch on
  • Uneven heating or cooling throughout your space
  • Sudden unexplained increase in energy bills

Heating and Cooling Installation

If your HVAC system is getting up there in age, it may be time to consider a new installation. HVAC systems don’t last forever, even with routine maintenance. This makes a replacement inevitable for a lot of homeowners and business owners.

Modern HVAC systems offer many benefits, such as increased energy efficiency and modern control features. We carry high-quality and long-lasting HVAC systems and offer stress-free installation.

We can help you find the ideal system for your space and budget. We handle the removal of your old system, so you don’t have to worry about local regulations.

Expert Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Investing in regular maintenance from a qualified heating and air conditioning company can save you money over time. An HVAC system that’s properly maintained will run more efficiently. This means better heating and cooling power and lower energy bills.

Our technicians can stop many potential HVAC issues from developing. We can thoroughly inspect and replace parts if they have worn out. Your system can also become clogged by dust and dirt, leading to serious issues.

We will perform basic cleaning to stop this from happening. Not only does this prevent costly repairs, but it also extends the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Trade-Mark Air Conditioning is the only choice you’ll need if you’re looking for a top AC company serving Medina, so contact our qualified technicians today.