Indoor Air Quality in Fredericksburg, TXAn indoor air quality assessment is the first step in addressing interior pollution in Fredericksburg, TX. Many different types of pollutants can affect your home’s comfort. The pollutants can be anything from carbon monoxide and VOCs to pesticides and tobacco. An IAQ comfort specialist will conduct thorough tests before proposing a solution for your Fredericksburg home.

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Finding the source of pollution is essential when addressing air quality concerns in your home. Inadequate ventilation is one of the most common factors that can increase the concentration of indoor pollutants. That’s because the air from the outdoors diffuses contaminants in the interior.

Indoor pollution can also be from other sources such as fuel-burning combustion appliances. Combustion appliances have safety mechanisms to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and other hazards, but a fault can put the health of your home’s occupants at risk.

You may notice several signs of indoor pollution in your home. Our service technicians can conduct a test to determine the source and the contaminants.

  • Dust buildup on vents and surfaces
  • Unpleasant odors from microbial growth
  • Persistent nausea, coughing, or sneezing
  • Unexplained bouts of skin rashes

Fredericksburg’s Top-Notch IAQ SolutionsAnother reason for indoor air pollution may be high temperatures and humidity levels. Excess moisture in your home can encourage mold, mildew, and other microbial growths to spread. In such cases, addressing pollution may involve using dehumidifiers to manage humidity levels.

Outdoor sources such as agricultural pesticides, vehicle emissions, and radon may also contribute to pollution in your home. Air from outside can get through door openings, ventilation systems, and windows. The exchange rate between the indoor and outdoor air can impact the contaminants in your home.

When you suspect there is pollution, the most crucial step is to find the source. Otherwise, the contaminants will keep getting back into the building. Consider consulting our indoor air specialists for the best results when addressing pollution in your home.

Indoor Air Quality in Fredericksburg

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