Refrigeration in Center Point, TXAt Trade-Mark Air Conditioning, we offer refrigeration assistance to the people living in Center Point, TX, and the surrounding areas. You should request our refrigeration repair if the food you keep in your refrigerator is getting spoiled quickly. You should also request our services if you notice that the freezer compartment is getting too warm. Our experts will check whether your refrigerator line is faulty in all these cases. We will also check whether the freezer evaporator fan is working well.

Center Point’s Best Refrigeration Assistance

If you own a restaurant or a business that deals with perishable foods, you know the importance of a refrigeration system. It helps keep foods and other products at the right temperatures. If the system is not working well, the foods and products kept in the refrigerator will spoil, resulting in huge losses.

One of the signs of a malfunctioning refrigerator is water leaking from the fridge to the floor. That is likely to happen if the refrigerator’s water supply or defrost drain is blocked. Debris and ice buildup can cause this kind of blockage. In such a case, we will uninstall the drain, unclog it, clean it, and then reinstall it.

Center Point's Best Refrigeration AssistanceA refrigerator that is not working well will also be noisy. That is likely to happen due to frequent cycling of the refrigerator. Dust and debris buildup around the refrigerator’s condenser coil is likely to cause this. In this case, the condenser coil will be cleaned using a special vacuum cleaner. A defective thermostat or condenser fan motor can make your refrigerator cycle too often.

If your refrigerator has malfunctioned, cold air from the refrigerator’s condenser unit will not efficiently flow to the other fridge compartments. A clogged diffuser duct is likely to cause this. When it is clogged, cold air will not efficiently flow to the fresh food compartment, making the compartment warm up.

Below are other signs that should make you request our refrigeration repair.
  • A freezer compartment that is not cold enough
  • Frost buildup in the ice dispenser
  • A fresh food compartment that is too cold
  • A malfunctioning water dispenser

Trusted Refrigeration Repair Team

At Trade-Mark Air Conditioning, we offer high-quality refrigeration repair. Our well-reputed refrigeration team is located on Junction Highway in Ingram. We have been in business for more than 35 years and are a Carrier partner. Each of our technicians is qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable about all types of refrigeration units. Our team always ensures that we satisfy our customers.

We serve the people living in Center Point and surrounding cities. Contact us now to know more about refrigeration repair.