Heat Pump Leak in Ingram, TX

Heat pumps are an efficient option for heating your home throughout the year. They are popular because they combine the functions of an air conditioner and a heater. Like other systems, heat pumps experience various issues, one being water leakages. The following are common reasons why your heat pump is leaking water.

1. Drainage Issues

Heat pumps contain a pan to hold normal condensation before it flows through a drain line. If the drain line is blocked or the overflow pan is not balanced, your heat pump may leak water. Our technicians can unclog the line or align the pan to prevent leaks.

2. Dirty Coils

Your heat pump’s cold evaporator coil collects condensation and channels it into a pan that takes it to a drain. If your coil is dirty, it may become faulty and result in water leaks. Scheduling regular maintenance with us to clean various heat pump components is a great way to prevent leaks caused by dirty coils.

3. Frozen Coils

Besides dirty coils, frozen coils can also cause leaks. Ice formation often occurs when low refrigerant levels in the heat pump disrupt the cooling process. Keeping your unit filled at an appropriate level of refrigerant will facilitate proper cooling and prevent freezing in the coils.

4. Broken Overflow Pan

The overflow pan is essential for catching condensate and draining it outdoors. As years go by, the pan can corrode and have holes and cracks. When this happens, your heat pump will start leaking water on the floor. The best remedy is to call us to repair or replace the pan per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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October 20, 2022 8:40 pm