Common AC Problems in Ingram, TX

Even if it’s not the solstice, any summer day when your air conditioner stops working seems like the longest of the year. When it comes to AC units, there are a number of problems that are mentioned over and over again by homeowners. Those are problems you’d rather avoid, so become more familiar with the issues that could affect your AC unit once the summer heats up.

Dirty Filter

A filter is designed to allow the free flow of air through your air conditioner by preventing dust and debris from entering. Over time, it collects layers of dirt and dust that can reduce its efficiency. A dirty filter is one of the most common problems and one of the easiest to fix. Simply replace the filter every three months. Do it more often during periods of extreme use.

Low Refrigerant Level

The refrigerant is a fluid that maintains the refrigeration cycle of an AC unit. Low refrigerant is a common occurrence that causes the temperature and pressure levels to be too low for normal functioning.

Running Without Cooling

It’s common for people to hear the AC running but not feel it. In some homes, it takes 10 minutes or longer for the air to start cooling sufficiently to be felt throughout the house. There may be various causes from a clogged condenser coil or air filter to a broken thermostat. Some problems you can repair yourself, but for others, you need to turn off the AC and contact an HVAC provider right away. If you’re located in the vicinity of Ingram, you can rely on our professionals at Trade-Mark Air Conditioning.

Malfunctioning Fan

Perhaps your AC is running, but the fan won’t start. In some situations, the blades rotate very slowly or make rattling noises. In most cases, the air is too warm and never cools. The fan motor could be overworked or overheated.

There are air conditioning problems that occur so frequently they’re mentioned endlessly during the summer. Although many homeowners recognize these, most aren’t equipped to come up with effective solutions. That’s where our team at Trade-Mark Air Conditioning comes in. We provide both cooling and heating repairs, installations and maintenance for people in the Ingram area. You can also count on us for indoor air quality, geothermal and sheet metal services. We repair water heaters as well. Contact us today to resolve any of your summertime AC problems.

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July 29, 2021 3:21 pm