There is more to a thermostat than controlling the temperature. In ages past, that’s all they did. However, in our information age, we now have “smart” thermostats. Smart thermostats do more than control the temperature. They are also more efficient than their analog forebears, and have other benefits:

  • Lower monthly energy bills.
  • Optimize time by being programmable.
  • Can display real-time usage data.

Save Money on Energy Bills

Smart thermostats are known for their efficiency. These thermostats are Wi-Fi enabled. This means you can turn on and off the HVAC system when you aren’t home. If the home is empty it might be a good idea to turn the system off. Doing this saves money on the energy bill each month.

Optimize Time

Another difference is that a smart thermostat can run by itself. They can be programmed to run on certain days and times. You’ll be able to choose the perfect temperature for being home, away, or asleep. No more wasted time adjusting the thermostat all the time!

Plan with Usage Data

In the past, energy usage was only viewed on the monthly energy bill. With smart thermostats, you can view usage data in real-time. This is great for people watching their energy usage or looking to save money on monthly bills. Smart thermostats can also display real-time diagnostics. This is important because a thermostat might be able to pinpoint any issue with the HVAC system.

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March 30, 2018 8:29 pm