You depend on your air conditioner throughout the summer months, so it’s important to keep it in top shape. Unfortunately, rust can ruin the unit’s appearance and destroy its inner workings. Take care to address rusty spots right away before they spell death for your air conditioner.

Clean the Rust

A little bit of elbow grease can help you get rid of surface-level rust on the outside of your air conditioner. First, wash the outside of the unit with a degreasing solution and rinse it with clean water. Then, use a nylon scrub brush to loosen the damaged layer from the rest of the metal. Finish smoothing out the spot by buffing it with sandpaper.

Paint With the Right Primer

After you scrub away the rust, that section won’t match the rest of the air conditioner. You can even out the color while also protecting against future rust. Start by applying one or two layers of rust-preventing primer that’s designed especially for use on metal surfaces. Follow that up with a layer of rust-inhibiting paint. To make the job easier, you may be able to find the primer and paint in spray form.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Spotting internal damage is trickier for homeowners to do themselves, but rusty components may lead to a breakdown. Fortunately, the air conditioner professionals at Trade-Mark Air Conditioning in Ingram can inspect the inside of the unit during an annual tune-up. If the technicians detect the beginnings of a rust issue, they can address it before it spreads.

Replace at the Right Time

Eventually, a rust problem may be beyond repair. When that happens, it makes sense to get an air conditioner replacement from Trade-Mark Air Conditioning. Not only will a new unit look nice on your property, but it will also run more efficiently. When installing a new air conditioner in Ingram, ask about models that are designed to resist rust damage.

Turn to Trade-Mark Air Conditioning for cooling and heating expertise in Ingram. We also install geothermal units and products to improve indoor air quality. Call today for an appointment.

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October 2, 2019 8:41 pm