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The summers are hot in Ingram, and you depend on your cooling system to keep you comfortable. When you lower the setting on your thermostat, you quickly feel the cool air blowing through your home. It has not always been so easy. Your air conditioning unit is the result of a series of inventions and years of progress.

Mist and Evaporation

People have long understood the cooling feel of water evaporation. Even on a warm, sunny day, sitting outside after a swim can make you shiver. Some of the first attempts at modern air conditioning were founded on this principle.

In the 1850s, an inventor named John Gorrie developed a machine to provide a cooler atmosphere in hospital rooms. His first attempt required transporting ice from northern states to Florida. It was a messy and expensive endeavor.

However, in 1851, he invented a machine that used compressed air to make ice and mist. His cold air machine was powered by horse or wind. Unfortunately, Gorrie lost his financial backing, and his machine was never fully developed.

The First Electric Air Conditioner

Gorrie was limited by the power sources of his time. By the early 1900s, more American cities had access to electricity. In 1902, Willis Carrier, an electrical engineer, developed a misting machine that could regulate the temperature, humidity, and air cleanliness of a space. At the time, he was not thinking about human comfort, but he was solving the problem of wrinkled pages at a Brooklyn printing company.

Continuing Innovations

For the next few decades, cooling technology would continue to improve. Shortly after Carrier, an inventor named Stuart Cramer unveiled the first device officially named an air conditioner. The African-American inventor Frederick Jones created the first portable air conditioner for use in field hospital tents during World War II. All of these innovations would lead to the home units that are a standard part of our lives today.

Your Partner for Home Comfort

If the AC unit in your Ingram home is giving you trouble, the skilled technicians at Trade-Mark Air Conditioning are ready to help. We can handle the installation, maintenance, and repair of home cooling equipment. You can also rely on us for heating, geothermal, and indoor air quality solutions. Contact us today for more information.

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April 13, 2021 7:49 pm