Used Furnace in Ingram, TX

When your home in Ingram, TX, needs a heating system replacement, you might be concerned about the cost of purchasing a new one. Perhaps you’ve noticed online listings of used furnaces for sale in the area. Before you purchase a secondhand furnace, here’s what you need to know about their safety and whether or not it’s worth buying one to save money.

Who Will Install It?

Beware of used furnaces listed for sale on social media and other online marketplaces. There’s no way to trace where those furnaces came from or whether an offer is even legitimate. You won’t be able to verify the previous maintenance history either. Since the risks are so high, most reputable HVAC companies won’t even agree to install one. They don’t want to be held liable for potential equipment defects. Licensed HVAC contractors prefer to go right to the source and get new equipment from the manufacturer.

Forget About a Warranty

A furnace has a life expectancy of about 15 years. When you purchase a pre-owned one, a great deal of its usefulness is already behind it. There’s really no way to tell when it might break down or what component will go next. And when that happens, you won’t have a warranty. A manufacturer’s warranty on a furnace isn’t transferable. It’s restricted to the original owner and to the original place of installation.

How to Save Money on a New Furnace

If you need a new furnace, consider financing it. You won’t have to pay for the full price of the furnace all at once. Instead, you’ll make affordable monthly payments. Look into utility and tax incentives on energy-efficient furnaces. Keep in mind that new furnaces offer higher energy efficiency than those that are 20 years old, so your heating expenses should drop after licensed HVAC technicians install your new heating system.

For more information about safety issues related to used furnaces and saving money on a heating system replacement, reach out to us at Trade-Mark Air Conditioning. We perform a full range of residential and commercial heating and cooling services, including maintenance and repairs, and we arrange financing on new installations with approved credit. You can also count on us for water heater, indoor air quality, geothermal, and sheet metal services in the Ingram area. Regardless of your HVAC needs, give us a call today.



March 18, 2022 5:57 pm