Heat pump systems are made up of many parts and can generate a range of concerning noises to the layman’s ear. From whooshing and clicking to numerous types of bangs and dings, these systems can become quite the symphony of sounds. Follow along as we cover the basics of heat pump noises you may have experienced.

Outdoor Unit Noises

When your heat pump first comes on, it may make some light clicking noises around the outside unit. These are normal startup sounds unless they become increasingly louder or more frequent. Noises coming from the outside unit that could be described as loud pops, hissing, squealing, or buzzing can be signs of motor, compressor, or solenoid issues and should be professionally investigated right away.

Duct Noises

Another component of your heat pump system that may generate noises is the duct system. Creaking or popping noises that seem to emanate from inside or around the system’s ductwork can mean the ductwork isn’t properly supported. Whistling noises here can mean there’s an obstruction in the ductwork, or there are leaks that can be putting additional strain on the heat pump. Any such duct noises warrant some concern and should be professionally investigated further.

Air Handler Noises

Finally, if you’re noticing noises that originate from your air handler unit, these are also grounds for further professional investigation. These units should only produce a continuous hum with the exception of an occasional click with the system changing into different modes. Random or continuous clicks, bangs, or buzzing noises aren’t normal and can mean your system has a fan or valve problem or that there’s a refrigerant leak taking place.

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November 19, 2020 6:22 pm