New Ductwork in Ingram, TX

Ducts form part of your HVAC system and help you enjoy a warming or cooling breeze in every room. When they are not working as they should, you should consider replacing them. At Trade-Mark Air Conditioning, we advise our clients in Ingram, TX to consider duct replacement after several years or when moving into an old house. From our years of working on HVAC systems, our technicians have found the following benefits to replacing old ducts.

Improved Air Quality

Old ducts usually allow dust particles into the system, thus making the air quality worsen. Even if we seal any tears, some dirt may still remain in the air passage, and the air will not be as clean as it should be. However, when we perform replacements, you get new ducts with no existing dirt, and you can rest assured that you will breathe fresh air free of dust and allergens.

Lower Bills

Torn ducts usually allow in external air that reduces the impact of your air conditioning or heating. Therefore, the system uses more energy than usual to give you enough heat or cooling in your home. This increased usage automatically leads to higher utility bills. We advocate installing new ducts to ensure the system’s efficiency since no heated or cooled air will get lost through cracks and tears.

Reduced Humidity

Since the ducts are always inside the house, they gather a lot of humidity over the years. Therefore, if your ductwork has been in place for a long time, the air it supplies has probably become humid, which is uncomfortable for most people. Our technicians at Trade-Mark Air Conditioning solve this problem by replacing your ducts to give you dry air passages. This improves your comfort level even as you enjoy constant cooling or heating.

No Sagging

Flexible ducts usually sag and bend with time, and this could cause weird noises as the air passes through them. Instead of struggling to keep them longer and postpone the inevitable, it is best to call our local experts to install new ducts. This way, you can enjoy a quieter home and good quality air.

At Trade-Mark Air Conditioning, we value your HVAC system and always want to see you enjoying the utmost comfort in your home. We install, repair, and service all your heating and AC equipment and can help you upgrade to a modern unit. We’re your go-to solution for all commercial and residential heating and cooling needs.

Give us a call to book an appointment today, and allow us to give you quality ducts for quality air.



August 10, 2022 9:32 pm