Furnace Repair in Ingram, TX

If there’s a burning smell when your heater comes on, it may be nothing, but it could indicate that there’s a serious problem. The type of smell can help identify what the problem is.

Burning Dust Smell

When you first turn your heater on after it hasn’t been used for months, you may notice a burning dust smell. Dust collects in your heater when it’s not being used and will burn once the heater turns on. The smell should go away after a little while. If the smell lingers, check the air filter to see if it should be changed.

Burning Plastic Smell

A burning plastic smell can be caused by one of the heater’s components wearing out. This could be a failing capacitor or a worn fan belt. You should call an HVAC company to have the problem fixed.

Trade-Mark Air Conditioning in Ingram, TX, does heater repair. If another HVAC company says that your heater needs a major repair, call us to get a free second opinion.

Electric Burning Smell

The smell of electric burning can be produced by something harmless, but it can also indicate that there’s a serious problem. Remove registers and make sure that there isn’t a foreign object in the ductwork.

An older furnace may have a worn bearing in the blower motor, which can also produce this smell. This can cause heat to build up, which can get hot enough to melt the insulation on wires. You should turn your heater off and call an HVAC technician if you suspect that this is the case.

Smoke Smell

If you smell smoke when your heater turns on, turn it off and open a few windows. It’s likely that the flue pipe is blocked, and fumes are being forced into your home because they have nowhere else to go.

At Trade-Mark Air Conditioning, we repair, replace, and tune-up heaters and air conditioners. Our other services include water heater installation, service and repair, indoor air quality audits, and sheet metal fabrication. Get in touch with us today to find out more.



December 20, 2021 5:54 pm